10 Best Fonts For Dashboard Design (Free & Paid)



The dashboard design is information management and business intelligence presented to communicate metrics to help users understand complex relationships in the data.

It is often the most frequent request these days.

A designer is expected to display analytics more effectively in a limited space.

So, for a UI/UX designer or a Dashboard Designer, a font serves the most subtle yet powerful differentiator for the next Dashboard Design.

It is important to understand the best fonts for dashboard design for hitting the right demographics in the most appropriate manner. 

To display a clean, simple, and font that maintains the same width throughout on-screen, here are the top 10 serif fonts that you can use in your next Dashboard Design.

1 – TT Interphases

10 best fonts for dashboard design (free & paid)

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TT Interphases released on September 12th, 2019 by a tight-knit team of designers named Type Type font foundry in Russia.

The fundamental visual highlights of TT Interphases incorporate the open gap of the characters with uniform conveyance of open and close space combination, just as great coherence. 

The overall neutrality in text style with elegance followed by all the subtleties of the typeface is made with numerical accuracy.

It ought to have the best extents in the class, just as a wide palette of styles, characters, and Opentype highlights.

This typeface turns out into a general and helpful for designers who effectively use interface textual styles in their tasks. 

Furthermore, the typeface is delightful, exquisite, and simultaneously undetectable and nonpartisan. 

Based on the positive review of earlier released TT fonts, they came up with an ambitious idea of creating perfect typography for digital UI platforms like mobile and web.

It suits perfectly for a finance management company to showcase their performance to attract more investors.

TT Interphases font family consists of 24 font styles.

The basic family of this font is available in 9 weights and 9 matching italics. 

It also provides 4 styles in monospaced for uprights and variables and 2 variable versions to change the weight.

It supports more than 120 languages across the globe including Northern, Central, Western European, and most of Cyrillic languages.


  • 24 styles and 21,798 glyphs
  • 120 plus languages support
  • Perfect for finance management companies
  • Designed specifically for UI platforms
  • It is elegant, delightful, exquisite and made with numerical precision

2 – Ariana Pro

top dashboard design typefaces

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Ariana Pro is a geometric based sans serif textual style family. It is designed by Olivier Gourvat under  Mostardesign Type Foundry in France.

It was released on February 21st, 2019.

It is considered to be a modern expressive geometric looking family of fonts.

It gives progressed Opentype capacities highlights, for example, case delicate structures, little tops, ligatures, interchange characters, orbited figures, professional kerning.

As it were, Ariana Pro is a professional typeface for all sorts of undertakings, for example, article use, Webfont, applications, and for long content and marketing.

This font family is a great combination of clean feel yet modern, reliable, and exquisite style, which makes it suitable for multinational ride-sharing companies to display their data as ad campaigns to attract more consumers.

Ariana Pro comes in 9 weights with comparing italics.

It supports 18 typefaces and 941 glyphs.

It has genuine italics to give more style in longer content filled with texts.

It has in like manner a widely inclusive character set to help Central and Eastern European similarly as Western European lingos.

Hence, it supports up to 73 languages.

Ariana Pro also extends its support up to 40 OpenType features like case-sensitive forms, denominators, fractions, standard ligatures, etc.

Let’s understand this by taking the denominator’s function.

It replaces chosen figures which follow a slice with denominator figures.

In the string 11/17 chosen, the application transforms the 17 into denominators when the user applies the fraction feature.

Hence, it is one of the best contender in 10 best fonts for dashboard design.

It is considerably perfect for displaying scientific data.


  • 18 typefaces and 9 weights with italics, and 941 glyphs
  • 73 languages support
  • Perfect for ride-sharing MNC’s and scientific display of data 
  • It has advanced typographical support
  • It is a great combination of modern, reliable, and exquisite style.

3 – Along

best serif fonts for dashboards

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Along Sans is designed by Ryul Davidson under Brenners Template foundry of Korea released on April 25th, 2020.

This font family showcases the perfect amalgamation of the optimum curvature acquired with elegant spacing.

It is a classy, high readability font with different weight variations.

This is a well-treated curve and modern sans serif font family that stands out from the rest.

It is eye-pleasing to see the rounded corners and lower cases are given special attention than usual.

Along Sans is best for a clean line series of furniture designer showroom targeting the wealthy and elite clientele.

Besides, it is also suitable for nice editorial and print works such as posters, printing jobs, t-shirts, ads, magazines, etc.

This family of fonts comes in 20 different styles followed by a variety of 10 categories of weights and 585 glyphs.

This font family has come up with an upgrade feature for the originality of glyphs in addition to an improved kerning system for better readability.

It supports a large group of languages including Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romania, etc.


  • 20 styles, 10 weights with obliques and 585 glyphs
  • Perfect for clean line series of furniture designer showroom
  • Well treated modern curve sans font
  • It is a classy high readability font with eye-pleasing rounded corners
  • It has circled glyphs with geometric ligatures

4 – Lato

everything you need to know about dashboard fonts selection

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Lato is a sans serif font family that was released in the summer of 2010 by Warsaw-based fashioner Łukasz Dziedzic under the Open source font License under type foundry tyPoland, with assistance from Google.

Due to its semi-adjusted subtleties in the letters, Lato has a finish of warmth, while the solid structure supports reliability followed by validity.

Lato is maybe the most extraordinary and fascinating sans-serif textual style on this rundown.

It was planned for corporate usage in 2010.

It goes from slender right to ultra-strong.

The letters in Lato have someone of a kind bends which must be seen in bigger sizes.

This shouldn’t imply that Lato doesn’t function admirably in litter sizes, it’s simply that it loses many intriguing properties when done as such.

This typeface is perfect for an international credit card company to display its key performance indicators (KPI) to increase its user’s list.

Currently, Lato can be downloaded from Google Fonts in 18 thickness varieties, each with its italics.

There is likewise an extra form with Latin glyphs.

Every one of these choices is what makes it one of the most flexible textual styles accessible.

Since the update in 2014, the family has remarkably connected with spread 3000 plus glyphs per style.

As of now the typeface family of  Lato 2.0 covers 100+ Latin languages, 50+ Cyrillic languages just as Greek and IPA phonetics.


  • 10 styles, 18 thickness and 3000+ glyphs per style
  • 150 plus languages support
  • Font can be used in pair with famous fonts like Open sans and Roboto
  • It is an open-source font, hence can be used for free
  • one of the most flexible textual styles accessible

5 – Proxima Nova

best font for dashboard design

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Proxima Nova was released in the year 2005 by the designer Mark Simonson under the Mark Simonson studio in Minnesota, USA.

It is a mixture of Akzidenz Grotesk and Futura fonts making it an extremely popular font family.

The typeface consolidates a geometric appearance with modern extents.

It is a modification of Proxima Sans (1994).

Proxima Nova is an amalgamation of proportions, the contrast in stroke but with details in construction making it a combination of modern, same width proportions with a geometric appearance.

This typeface is perfect for an International magazine which showcases the world of business in detail at an international level.

Proxima Nova being simple and minimal font style doesn’t have a lot of personalities making it just convey the word set in it and hence making the content king.

The font family has 48 font styles with 8 variations in weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Extrabold, and Black) with Italics.

In recent years Proxima Nova has become one of the most digital fonts on the internet, used by many popular websites like- Wired, NBC News, BuzzFeed, Mashable, etc.

It supports 121 languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Cyrillic, etc.

Hence, making it one of the best fonts in top 10 serif fonts for dashboard design.


  • 48 styles, 8 weights in 3 widths with Italics
  • 121 languages support
  • Perfect for International business magazines
  • Perfect amalgamation of a modern feature with a minimal look
  • It is an evergreen font with multiple usages

6 – Corbert

best serif fonts for dashboard design

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The Corbert sans serif typeface was a big hit with its release on March 6th, 2013.

The designer of this popular font was Jonathan Hill under The Northern Block Ltd, which is a community-oriented sort foundry universally perceived for delivering innovator text styles for brands, creatives, and producers based in the United Kingdom. 

It has a geometric sans serif typeface influenced by Bauhaus followed by the early pioneer of time.

Exact shapes are optically changed following making an unmistakable, regular typeface with astounding clarity.

Corbert has a standard, self-reliable design admirably making it work across a wide scope of uses.

This typeface joins obvious circles with slight bends to accomplish an exceptionally wonderful impact.

Besides, it joins high lucidity with enough character to likewise serve as a focal point.

Hence, making it perfect in either a detailed project report of mattress manufacturing in the USA or your Presentation titles for a food chain MNC in South Africa.

The Corbert font family has 18 styles, nine weights with complementing italics followed by 540 plus characters per style, and 592 glyphs.

The typeface supports 83 languages Internationally including Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and Western Europe- English, Spanish, Portuguese, Luxembourgian, Icelandic, to name a few.

Corbert is an open source-based typeface, which means it can be used free but for personal use only.


  • 18 styles, 9 weights with Italics, 540+ characters per style and 592 glyphs
  • 83 languages support
  • Perfect for food chain MNC’s
  • Geometric sans influenced by Bauhaus Art 
  • It is free for personal use

7 – Sofia Pro

consideration for font selection for dashboard

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Sofia pro sans serif typeface was released on March 14th, 2012.

It is designed by Olivier Gourvat under  Mostardesign Type Foundry in France.

This typeface is a geometric sans text style family who praises the cutting edge approach and the congruency in the roundness.

Consequently, this textual style family ably strikes a balance among effortlessness and individual character.

It is frequently utilized in distinct content substance structures where it’s to make an elegant measure of dramatization while staying spotless and neat.

It has become a famous typeface in order and has gotten numerous honors from graphic designing industry experts.

Sofia Pro has been structured with a higher x-tallness than other font families in its group to make more clarity in any utilization circumstance.

Hence, making it perfect for use in little sizes, for example, business cards or portable applications like mobile UI.

Due to its specifically designed features for small size readability, it is perfect for a Newspaper company displaying statistics on government performances in the elections over the years.

This total-textual style set is completely fit for tasks of various kinds of digital representations including articles, web composition, logos, letterheads, branding, etc.

This typeface has more than 40 styles with 2500 pairs of glyphs with wide character support 

for 130 plus languages including Easter Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe, Greek, and Cyrillic for other international dialects.

Sofia Pro has a wide selection of loads with 8 weights (semi bold, bold, black, regular, medium, light, ultra Light and  Extra Light) with italics relating.

This family of fonts also comes with a powerful kerning system, that is pro-kerning.


  • 40 styles, 8 weights with Italics, 2500 pairs of glyphs
  • 130 plus languages support
  • Perfect for small fonts use in Newspaper detail analysis
  • Geometric sans influenced by Bauhaus Art 
  • It is a modern typeface with elegant curvatures

8 – Monserrat 

best typefaces for dashboard design

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Montserrat is a sans serif typeface that was released on November 19th, 2011 by Buenos Aries designer Julieta Ulanovsky under a Kickstarter project.

It was inspired and named after the observation of old banners and signs in the customary Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

As the project was effectively supported, Julieta distributed the Montserrat typeface as a free web textual style in Google Fonts under the Open source Font License.

The Typeface was later upgraded and was developed by designers Sol Matas, Juan Pablo, del Peral, and Jacques Le Bailly.

It is a geometrical style sans serif typeface with the correct amount of ascender, descender, shoulder, and bowl space to respect each letter’s position concerning one another.

Hence, making it a modern yet classic and elegant typeface for modern-day User Experience.

It is so versatile that it compliments every sans serif font when used in the pairing.

This typeface gives such an essence of sincerity that It is perfect for a highly specialized hospital to display their treatment data to make their contribution visible in the Health system of the country.

Normal, Alternates, and Subrayada are three sister families of this typeface.

It has18 styles with 9 weights and their italics in Normal family; 18 styles with 9 weights and their italics in Alternate family; and 2 styles with 2 weights in the Subrayada family.

It supports 23 languages including, English, Spanish, Danish, etc.


  • 3 sister font families- 18 styles and 9 weights in two families and 2 styles in one
  • 23 languages support
  • Perfect for highly specialized hospital data
  • Geometric sans modern typeface with class and elegance
  • Open source font for personal and commercial use.

9 – Cera Pro

top 10 fonts for dashboard design

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Cera Pro typeface is designed by a passionate typography designer and educationist under Typemates foundry in Germany.

This pan-European pure geometry driven font family was released on September 12th, 2019.

Cera Pro is refined from rudimentary styles and brings simplicity, wonderfulness alongside a chosen warmth any place a contemporary geometric typeface is required.

An ardent ally for text, Cera Pro comparatively to other fonts in class has a large x-height and reduced capitals.

For best on-screen execution the TrueType documents for the web and work area text styles have been improved with manual indicating.

Normally, it additionally has all the valuable dingbats and arrows you may require.

It perfectly suits an Architecture firm to pitch a concept with key performance indicators of an International project. 

It has 12 styles, with six weights- thin to black followed by their Italics and with more than 980 glyphs for each style.

Cera confined letterforms locally and has the OpenType highlights to coordinate.

It’s a pan-European font as stated early that supports more than 150 languages in the  Greek, Latin, and Cyrillic dialects followed by its non-Latin parts were covered with the help of local specialists.


  • 12 styles, 6 weights and their Italics with 980 glyphs per style
  • 150 plus languages support
  • Perfect for International Architecture and Interior firms
  • Geometric sans with large x-height and reduced capitals

10 – Brandon

Dashboard design

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The successor of Brandon Grotesque- Brandon Text released on January 23rd, 2013 by designer Hannes von Döhren under HVD Fonts foundry in Germany.

It is designed specifically for small reading size fonts and text blocks while celebrating details of typography. 

Because of its higher x-tallness, new extents and some settled down characters like the “g” or “j” Brandon Text conveys a homogenous tone of grey worth and it is the perfect decision for small text readability and long content entries.

The architecture of letters is designed with space-saving in mind to keep away from the impacts of specific letters.

The textual styles contain a few decent ligatures which are consequently traded when these blends happen in a word or sentence.

Due to its proportions to obtain the optimum quantity of letters in the smallest space making it perfect for a Fintech startup to gain the confidence of the users through their mobile UI.

The font family has 12 styles with 6 weights and their respective Italics.

It has 508 glyphs per style and it supports 100 plus languages Internationally including Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic dialects.

It is physically implied and enhanced for screens, so it will be a decent decision for websites, eBooks, or Apps.


  • 12 styles, 6 weights and their Italics with 508 glyphs per style
  • 100 plus languages support
  • Perfect for Fintech startup 
  • Geometric sans with small texts readability and long content entries

Final Thoughts

It is clear hat text styles are one of the most sub-cognizant techniques for prompting a character into a UI.

Since a dashboard design is the most proficient approach to follow various information sources since it gives a focal area to organizations to screen and break down execution.

Due to large font styles and the invisible character with simplicity in their appearance, Proxima Nova, and Monseratt are our favorite fonts for Dashboard Design.

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